Sauna evening 2018


Inspired by our Finnish friends up north - thing got hot when Nul-Kryds invited all members for the new yearly tradition: Sauna evening.


The evening started out with everyone meeting up in the Nul-Kryds room with De Glade Sømænd. When the room got too crowded we moved to Diamanten to enjoy pizzas, beers, sodas and Minttu.


When everyone had eaten and the saunas were ready, we moved to the DTU gym to shower and get ready. We stayed in the sauna for a few hours, where Minttu and Snaps were provided. The party was made possible with a portable stereo which played a lot of De Glade Sømænd.


After the sauna, the party continued well into the night in S-Huset.


Nul-Kryds is very much looking forward to continuing this new tradition in the coming years, and plan to have a as successful evening again next time.