South Korea Excursion



South Korea Excursion

A new tradition will hopefully be formed in these years as we help with the preparation for the yearly student trip in the autumn break. Last year around 30 students from DTU headed to Singapore to get a general introduction to the maritime industry. This year 26 students went to South Korea with a focus on newbuilding projects and yards to get a much deeper understanding of the application of our field of study. Apart from the professional gains from the trip the students benefits greatly from the social network that is created during a trip like this.


The trip was generously sponsored by the following funds and institutions: Skibsingeniør Aage Petersen og Hustrus Fond; The Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering's Fund; The Danish Maritime Fund; Ib Moyells Fond; DTU Mechanical Engineering.

The full overview of our experiences and learnings can be found in a separate report on our webpage so the following description should just be seen as a short summary of the events.



We were supposed to visit Busan Port Authority, with accompanying port tour, to get an introduction to the port’s activities. Unfortunately we arrived in the middle of the typhoon Vongfong which made the wave height too large for a comfortable boat trip in the port. Instead we spent the morning visiting the local aquarium. The rest of the day we enjoyed the local foods and split in grouds to experience different local attractions.



We visited Hyundai Heavy Industries at Ulsan where we were given a tour of the museum, the shipyard and the research and development facilities. After a lunch in their canteen we went to their private park before we were shown around at one of the huge automobile assembly plants of Hyundai Motor Company.



Wednesday we visited Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) and got a guided tour of the showroom and the yard. After the tour we drove to the site office of Maersk Maritime Technology (MMT) where the site office manager had prepared a presentation about the process of constructing the Triple-E ships, which are being built at DSME. The day ended with a guided tour of ‘Munkebo Maersk’ (one of the Triple-E ships).



The second largest shipyard in Korea, Samsung Heavy Industries, was next in line. We were lucky to see the largest ship in the world, the FPSO ‘The Prelude’ during the tour of the yard. Maersk FPSO and Maersk Drilling gave us a very throughout tour of the FPSO ‘Voyager’ and we were able to see a test of their riser transfer system and their blackout recovery system while onboard. The visit was completed with dinner and drinks on the compliments of Maersk Drilling.



This day started out with a nice traditional Korean lunch with representatives from DS Norden's site office and STX. Then we went on a tour of the yard by foot which enabled us to enter the welding shop and see the large sections close up.

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It was an amazing trip that really gave an insight in the newbuilding world and new networks across the different year groups of students.



Download the official report of South Korea Excusion here.