Martha Evening



Martha Evening

Just like many other maritime institutions in Denmark, Nul-Kryds has the proud tradition to show the old classical movie ‘SS Martha’ once a year. This is one of the main social events of the association and it enables both current and former students to network. It also helps integrating the maritime exchange students in the student environment outside classes.


The event took place on the first Saturday of June where the traditional Paper Boat Competition initiated the festivities early in the afternoon. The participants competed on constructing a vessel with the highest lightweight to deadweight ratio and abiding the following rules:


- The lightweight boat must be less than 10.00 grams

- The ratio of length to breadth must be larger than 2

- The midship section coefficient must be less than 0.95 for all draughts

- The half angle of entrance of the bow must be less than 30° at all draughts


Afterwards everyone moved inside to watch the movie (with English subtitles so the exchange students could enjoy it as well) and drink some schnapps and beer. It was an enlightening experience for the new students who saw it for the first time.


Then a barbeque followed with a whole nicely roasted lamb and some more beer and schnapps in the garden. The evening was completed with a hammer and nails competition. All in all a very successful evening where everybody had a chance to talk to each other in a casual atmosphere.