OMTP showcase @ Danish Maritime Fair



OMTP Showcase at Danish Maritime Fairs 2015

A new partnership was presented for the first time: Oresund Maritime Talent Pool. The academic partnership includes student associations across three core fields in the maritime industry; covering technical, business, and legislative aspects. The three participating student associations are Nul-Kryds (Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby), CBS Shipping (Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen) and WMU Student Council (World Maritime University, Malmö).


The OMTP showcase was meant as a presentation of this new academic partnership – for both associated students and the maritime industry. The newly started Danish Maritime Fair was chosen as a venue to attract both students and industry. The showcase was held Wednesday, 8 October 2014 @16:15, and was expected to last two hours. It was free of charge.


Approximately 75 persons, mostly students, participated in the event. Student-to-student networking across the three universities were very well received, in spite of the room being nearly too full. Some students took the possibility to visit the Danish Maritime Fair and the many interesting stands as well.


The presentations were positively received, and a lot of in-depth questions were asked both after the presentations and during the networking event. A more focused line of presentations regarding theme should be considered in future events. The practical work resulted in a well-planned, successful event.


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