X-yacht & Elstrøm sails




The visit at X-Yachts started with a technical presentation given by engineering department followed by a question session. A factory tour was given, where the students learned how parts were made all over Europe and assembled at the Danish site. The tour at the shipyard gave the opportunity to inspect the yachts internally and externally. The picture below shows the students on the deck of a new built yacht, where it was possible to discuss the rig and the deck arrangement.


Besides from the part of the yacht which is above the waterline, the submerges part was inspected as seen in the picture below. As student at DTU we learn to design ship hull based on computer simulations with minimising of fuel consumption is the main focus. It was interesting to hear from X-yacht that ship comfort in many cases is more important that speed and efficiency.



Elstrøm sails


In the afternoon, the trip went to Elstrøm Sails, where a very skilled sail maker showed the whole production site. The biggest room at the production site was where Elstrøm are sewing the conventional sails from sailcloth. It was incredible to see big table on which the sails where laying on and the built-in sewing stations. A picture is this can be seen below:


A even more impressing sail manufacturing method was visited in the next room, where sails are Kevlar-“printed” between two layers of thin film. This method is state-of-the-art and is not something students see, in their everyday life on the university campus. During the whole visit, it was possible to ask questions. There was not enough time to answer all the questions, so after the production tour, a question session and general company presentation was arranged.


Company visit to X-Yacht and Elstrøm Sails was a very fruitful and exciting experience. Giving us students the great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the complexity of designing luxary sailling yachts and sails.


2014 X-yacht & Elstrøm sail