NTHS Helsinki


This year's annual NTHS congress (Nordic Technical Universities' Shipbuilders Congress) was hosted by Aalto University in Finland.


Of the Nordic countries, Finland stands out because of its relatively large amount of heavy industry. It is therefore one of the more popular venues for NTHS, which was made apparent by the amount of applications we received. The host delegation did not disappoint; they delivered a spectacular program which included visits to state-of-the-art companies manufacturing machinery, icebreakers and some of the world's largest cruise vessels, among others.


For the Danish delegation it was a great experience to visit shipyards and vessels, both finished and under construction. It is always a focal point in Nul-Kryds to present a practical dimension to the engineering students and NTHS is one of the most efficient ways of obtaining this. This years NTHS also offered interesting knowledge on sailing in ice, something very relevant with the increased focus on sailing in arctic waters.


Additionally, we expanded our professional networks and created contacts throughout Scandinavia. This enables future cooperation and exchange of know-how. We also believe that the relations between the Nordic Five Tech universities support the Nordic Master program which several of DTU's students are enrolled at.


The report at hand presents the NTHS congress day by day and offers an insight in the exciting experiences we have gained throughout the week.


On behalf of Nul-Kryds I would like to express my gratitude towards everybody who have supported the congress and the work of Nul-Kryds in general. We look forward to continuing the fruitful cooperation.



Download the official report of 68th NTHS Helsinki 2015 here.


Supporting companies:


- Odense Maritime Technology


- Det Norske Veritas - Germanischer Lloyd

- Lloyd's Register ODS

- Danske Maritime

- Force Technology

- Lloyd's Register